Commitment to Implementing Holistic IT Solutions

At Red Bigfoot, we’re committed to augmenting IT resources in order to help small to midsize businesses grow and reach their full potential. We get it – you wear a lot of hats, and it can be difficult to prioritize IT when you’re working so hard to propose products/services, scale supply chains, grow headcount, and gain clientele. This is where Red Bigfoot can help.

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In addition to offering a wide range of essential IT services, we focus on understanding your company, including your infrastructure, your goals, and the intricacies of your organization. We advise you on the best IT business solutions to move your company forward. We take a holistic approach to your IT support needs, instead of just fixing immediate problems that are only a symptom of larger inefficiencies.

IT support is about more than simply reacting when something breaks. It’s about building strategies to account for current and future IT needs. This could include upgrading infrastructure, considering new technologies, training employees, integrating software, and transitioning to systems tailored to your specific needs.

Growing a business is no easy feat. Many companies fear losing the close-knit atmosphere they started with. They may worry about waning collaboration when employees are no longer wearing so many hats. They may not have experience with project management or have experience working with an IT business consulting partner.

At Red Bigfoot, we understand the growing pains associated with moving from a small or midsize business environment to the enterprise level, and our job is to help you transition as seamlessly as possible, with the IT support and infrastructure in place to scale with you.

Serving Denver Businesses Since 2014

Red Bigfoot was founded in 2014 by Marc Evans with the goal of helping small, midsize, and growing businesses transition to enterprise-level IT solutions. With half a decade specifically within this space, we have become a leader in helping businesses embrace technological efficiencies, reduce downtime, and increase productivity.

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Red Bigfoot loves working with executive leadership, IT Directors/Managers, IT Professionals, users, and downstream clients. We pride ourselves on our soft skills in addition to our technical skills. We believe that IT needs to be approachable to everyone, solutions need to be both intuitive and fit the needs of users, and it needs to fit into the long-term business strategy.

In his free time, Marc enjoys Family Game Night with his wife and two boys. Family Game Night includes board games and video games. Interestingly, they even play Fortnite as a “squad” with the two children frequently carrying their parents to victory. Marc was a volunteer youth coach for many years. Marc is also a veteran who occasionally tests his endurance with local running events and Tough Mudders obstacle courses. With a lot of encouragement from professional mentors, Kragh Curtis of Kragh IT and John Hogan (retired), Marc took the leap to support businesses in need of IT assistance and never looked back.

Our Commitment to Diversity

At Red Bigfoot, we encourage our team to adopt an attitude of inclusiveness and tolerance and to feel confident that they will never be penalized for condemning racism and hatred or supporting marginalized groups. We strongly oppose racism, discrimination, and oppression of every kind, and proudly serve and support minorities and marginalized groups.

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We believe that it’s important to stand up for what is right, and that means having the courage to publicly state that systematic oppression of any group, for any reason, is categorically wrong and has no place in our society. Red Bigfoot fully supports employees in expressing themselves when it comes to denouncing racism, discrimination, and oppression whenever and wherever they encounter it.

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

Equitable Hiring Practices

Red Bigfoot is committed to hiring based on qualifications like education, experience, skill, and merit. We always want the best candidate so we can offer our clients the best possible services. Hiring is conducted without regard to gender, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or other attributes that have no bearing on professional abilities.

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At Red Bigfoot, we also believe in second chances, and we support rehabilitation and re-entry into society for those who have paid their dues and are focused on building a better future for themselves and their families. If applicants have skills that match job requirements and character consistent with our company culture and values, they will not be discounted as candidates for hire.

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