IT Consulting Services For Aurora, CO Businesses.

We focus on providing IT Business solutions that solve problems, increase efficiency and capabilities, prevent future problems and expenses, and help you plan for growth and future successes. Often, growing companies lack the IT resources to cover all their needs, from infrastructure upgrades and life-cycle planning to exploring new technologies, to disaster recovery planning, up-to-date security, and successful user experience. Red Bigfoot is your Aurora CO. IT service Solution.

Aurora IT Consulting and Support Solution

As your business evolves and grows, it is essential that your IT resources are properly aligned with the needs of your staff and clients. Otherwise, your growth has the potential to stall, and your business will not be able to function at peak productivity.

While you could certainly attempt to tackle your changing information technology needs alone, the more pragmatic approach is to partner with an Aurora business IT consulting firm like Red Bigfoot.

Since our inception, Red Bigfoot has risen to the occasion to help businesses elevate their IT capabilities and accommodate the growing demand for technological resources.

While Red Bigfoot is the premier IT support provider in Aurora, CO, our experts serve organizations across the nation. Our dynamic team of consultants and other technology professionals can proactively remedy IT concerns before they threaten business continuity.

At Red Bigfoot, we leverage a client-centric service model that focuses on systematically identifying your most significant IT pain points.

From there, we address any technological weaknesses and transform them into organizational strengths. This reconstruction allows you and your staff to spend your energies on core business tasks, such as serving your clients and enhancing your products.

When you partner with Red Bigfoot, you will not receive one-size-fits-all style support. Instead, your designated consultant will take the time to fully understand your business and the unique set of IT challenges it faces. We will then develop a support strategy tailored to your company’s specific needs.

Red Bigfoot can augment the capabilities of your in-house IT personnel or serve as your entire information technology department. We can also act exclusively as a consultant in order to help you implement new technologies, deploy system upgrades, or develop an asset lifecycle management strategy.

Our team will ensure that your business has the technological resources necessary to be successful.

Aurora’s Top IT Services and Support

Red Bigfoot tailors our Aurora business IT consulting services to address the specific challenges that your organization is facing. We offer a wealth of IT consulting and support services, which allows us to meet the needs of any business or enterprise. Our services include:

When you partner with Red Bigfoot, we can provide you with any one of these services or a combination thereof. Of these services, our technology consulting, cybersecurity, and business continuity solutions are some of the most popular among our current client base.

When providing technology consulting services, the Red Bigfoot team will examine your entire IT infrastructure and asset deployment strategy.

This comprehensive service is designed to optimize your resource allocation, enhance your overarching IT strategy, aid with budgeting and forecasting, and make the entire information technology management process simpler.

Many clients elect to take advantage of our cybersecurity and business continuity solutions as well. Whereas our cybersecurity services are focused on enhancing data security and guarding against a breach, business continuity solutions address disaster recovery concerns.

Specifically, our business continuity services are designed to help you implement disaster recovery protocols, perform data backups, and deploy application monitoring solutions.

Cumulatively, Red Bigfoot’s suite of services can increase your competitiveness, protect business continuity, and optimize your entire IT infrastructure.

Azure Cloud

Consulting - Migrating to Azure - Cloud Email - Reducing On-Prem Footprint


Mergers and Acquisitions - Migration Readiness - Consolidate Domains - Email, User, and System Migration


Hypervisors and servers - Network monitoring - Application monitoring - System Deployment and Upgrades


Single Sign-On - Multi-Factor Authentication - Conditional Access - Security Auditing

User Experience

Planning for stakeholders - System Deployments - Messaging and Collaboration - User Training

Mergers / Acquisitions

Planning and Strategy - Email, User, and System Migration - System and Application Integration - Divestitures and Separations

Business Continuity

Disaster Recovery - Application Monitoring and Alerting - Backup (on-premise and cloud) - Site Replication


IT Strategy - IT Project Management - Budgeting and Forecasting - Simplifying Information Technology

Scale Your Company with Business IT Support in Aurora

As one of the fastest-growing cities in Colorado, Aurora is accumulating thousands of new residents every single year. While all this growth can certainly be beneficial for your organization, it also means that competition for customers is bound to intensify.

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If you want to gain an edge over other businesses operating within your sector, then you need a proven Aurora IT support partner like Red Bigfoot in your corner.

Our seasoned IT consulting professionals know what it takes to win in the constantly-changing digital realm. We can identify technological inefficiencies, help you deploy innovative new software, and optimize organizational productivity.

In addition, our consulting and support services are extremely effective at reducing downtime, increasing data security, and scaling your capabilities.
Whether your company needs access to additional IT personnel to expand digital assets or is preparing for a comprehensive systems migration, Red Bigfoot has the expertise and human resources necessary to assist.

We can also oversee entire migrations, SaaS technology implementations, and other large-scale projects so that you do not have to manage these tasks yourself.

In addition, Red Bigfoot’s team of IT experts includes merger and acquisition consultants. These experts have been involved with multiple business mergers and understand how to facilitate a seamless transition of IT assets.

The success of your business hinges on the performance of your digital assets. Inefficient or unreliable IT infrastructure can leave your business vulnerable to unexpected downtime, cyberattack, or other critical failures.

On a smaller scale, antiquated technologies can reduce the productivity of your staff, which can diminish your brand reputation and negatively impact the consumer experience.

Fortunately, these risks can be mitigated by partnering with an experienced business IT consulting firm like Red Bigfoot.

Customizable Business IT Solutions in Aurora, CO

As you have likely experienced firsthand, the technology industry is rapidly evolving, which means that yesterday’s “cutting edge” technology can quickly become antiquated and inefficient. While attempting to keep up with all of these advancements may seem frustrating, doing so is essential if you want to remain relevant in the digital marketplace.

In order to ensure that their organizations have access to the latest technological resources, an increasingly large percentage of businesses are electing to outsource their IT needs to an experienced provider.

A trusted Aurora IT consulting partner like Red Bigfoot has the expertise, resources, and skills needed to preserve your company’s competitiveness. We can serve exclusively in a consulting role, supplement the capabilities of your in-house IT personnel, or step in and act as your entire information technology department.

Red Bigfoot has a diverse range of expertise, which allows us to effectively serve a broad array of industries, including:

  •   Medical services
  •   Construction
  •   Aerospace
  •   Mining
  •   Nuclear
  •   Oil and Gas

Unlike some other IT service providers, Red Bigfoot understands the unique challenges and pain points facing these high liability industries.

Specifically, our professionals know that data security is of utmost importance to companies operating within these sectors. As such, we provide comprehensive cybersecurity consulting and support services that are designed to ameliorate IT vulnerabilities and protect vital data.

What our clients & partners are saying

Red Bigfoot was excellent to work with. They have awesome energy, and really push for successful technical integration, as well as the adoption of change through workshops and friendly, open lines of communication.

Nic Hau

I am an employee of a US company that also has divisions around the world. Red Bigfoot supports our IT needs. I just wanted to throw out a high five and a sincere thank you to Marc. For being such a smart ‘geek’ and very good at what he does, the personal service and attention to special needs is greatly appreciated. I have my challenges at times and asking for help is sometimes difficult, thinking I can just Google it. Marc takes whatever time I need and goes beyond the immediate task to answer other questions I have. Thank you Marc!

Joanne P.

Marc worked very hard to identify solutions that would allow my product to continue to grow and serve my clients needs, while simultaneously keeping us in line on cost and security. It's a unique talent within the IT industry and one that is already sorely missed.

Eric HoustonProject Engineer at Envista Forensics

Marc is very skilled and good at his position. Marc was the go-to for our Networking and Azure infrastructure requirements here at my company. Marc is well rounded, well versed, and has a good foundation in managing Information Systems and resources. It would be a pleasure to work with Marc in the coming years.

Wayne MusteenSr Data Engineer / .Net Developer at Quantum Corporation

Marc Evans was my manager and a pleasure to work with. He has a honed ability to organize teams in effective and organized ways. Using methodologies that create simple, effective, and sustainable technology solutions. His technical skills are also top notch! Among many things he is able to script and use powershell better than anyone I have met. Recommended for any company! Marc is a pleasure to work with and I look forward to working with him in the future.

Tyler HarrisNetwork Manager at Structural Integrity Associates

Marc's charisma, attention to detail, and constructive input make him a joy to partner with!

Sara SonoskiREALTOR® at Pure Gold Realty

Always appreciated collaborating with Marc on my company's workstation environment. Marc is very professional and was always available and willing to provide insight into his environment to help make the decision making process easier - not a quality you always find in consulting clients but it's always the quality that helps deliver excellence.

Nathan ZiehnertSenior ConfigMgr and Enterprise Mobility Professional

Marc Evans is a great guy. He is easy to work with and truly loves what he does. Marc is the kind of man that enjoys a challenge when it comes to work. Marc is passionate about what he does and always wants to do what’s best for the company without compromise.

David MiguesOwner, ATX Photography

Marc and I worked a few high level projects. Its rare to find real good power shell talent and infrastructure knowledge. Huge Genuine expert is what comes to mind on getting stuff done from the command line in power shell. Talent like this is hard to come by in my point of view.

James DeLisaProduct Support Specialist at GH Phipps Construction Companies

Why Red Bigfoot Is the Premier Aurora IT Support Provider

Red Bigfoot’s team of experts has earned and maintained a wealth of certifications from many different product vendors. The purpose of this practice is to ensure that we can provide our clients with the highest quality of service possible.

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In addition to the many infrastructure certifications that we hold, Red Bigfoot has also been recognized as a Microsoft Certified Partner. The knowledge and expertise acquired during the certification process make Red Bigfoot uniquely suited to help your business find the ideal Microsoft products for its needs. 

We can guide you as you navigate the crowded digital product marketplace and ensure that you fully understand the capabilities of your software.

Our professionals can also assist you with the process of migrating from your current infrastructure to Microsoft Azure Cloud. If your business already leverages Azure, we can optimize the user experience to further increase productivity and employee performance.

What truly sets Red Bigfoot apart from other Aurora business IT consulting firms is our tailored approach to information technology services. 

Red Bigfoot will only match you with the services and solutions that are a good fit for your organization. We always conduct business with transparency and are truly invested in the success of our valued clients.

The Red Bigfoot team is focused on forging long-lasting relationships with our clients that are based on trust, integrity, and results. We are confident in our ability to provide your organization with exemplary service, timely guidance, and technical support that will help you achieve your true potential through the power of IT.

Our Unwavering Commitment to Our Clients

As the preferred Aurora IT solutions provider, Red Bigfoot is committed to offering our clients unparalleled service, world-class support, and consulting expertise so that they can achieve an optimal return on investment from all of their information technology assets.

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Red Bigfoot understands that we must continuously evolve so that we can help our clients overcome emerging technological challenges and stay current with the ever-changing IT industry.

As your company grows and expands, it will encounter new technology-related barriers that can only be navigated by making informed, timely IT decisions. Red Bigfoot will ensure that you never have to tackle those challenges alone.

If your organization needs business IT services in Aurora, Red Bigfoot is the clear choice. Our team is committed to the success of our clients and will tailor our services to address your unique pain points.

Give us a call, and let’s discuss how we can shatter growth barriers together.

Red Bigfoot is a Microsoft Certified Partner

In addition to our many infrastructure certifications, Red Bigfoot is pleased to be recognized as a Microsoft Certified Partner. As such, we are qualified to help your company find the Microsoft products most suitable for your needs, as well as guide you through the process of migrating to Microsoft Azure Cloud, or optimizing your cloud experience if you’re already in the Azure environment.

Navigating new software and services can be a difficult and frustrating process. If you’re one of many companies utilizing Microsoft products or looking to migrate to Microsoft, you need a knowledgeable and experienced partner to ensure that your needs are met and you understand the full capabilities your tools provide. Red Bigfoot is the authoritative Microsoft Certified Partner you can trust to address your needs.

Ready to transform your company?