Our IT Consulting Services

At Red Bigfoot, we’re committed to delivering holistic IT solutions tailored to the specific needs of every client. We’ll always deliver a straightforward assessment of concerns and potential areas of improvement that will increase efficiencies and reduce waste within your organization. Our goal is to build lasting relationships with our clients by offering our expertise, supplementing when your resources or skill set fall short and ensuring that you have the best IT systems in place to meet your needs, now and moving forward.

Our main service areas include:

  •   Azure Cloud
  •   Migration
  •   Infrastructure
  •   Security
  •   User Experience
  •   Mergers/Acquisitions
  •   Business Continuity
  •   Consulting

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As a Microsoft Certified Partner, Red Bigfoot is happy to help you migrate to a flexible Azure Cloud environment or tailor your current cloud experience to best suit the needs of your company, employees, and other users. We also offer email, user, and system migrations, whether you’re going through a merger/acquisition, consolidating, or you’re simply upgrading to newer technologies. For mergers/acquisitions specifically, you’ll also enjoy options for planning and strategy, as well as divestitures and separations.

Red Bigfoot can help you with a wide range of IT upgrades and system deployments, as well as monitoring and augmentation to ensure that your infrastructure is capable of handling the demands of your organization. As threats continue to increase and evolve we can help plan and implement security measures such as multi-factor authentication, conditional access, physical security, and more. We also offer security auditing services to pinpoint potential vulnerabilities that could be exploited.

User experience, adoption, and training are critical to ensuring your infrastructure is being used as desired. Red Bigfoot’s IT business support can assist you in creating a plan that meets user needs and ensures efficient and effective outcomes.

Every company needs a disaster recovery plan in place, should worst-case scenarios like natural disasters or data loss occur. With Red Bigfoot’s IT support, you can prepare for potential catastrophes with application monitoring and alerts for early warning, backups (on-site and in the cloud), and site replication that allow you to seamlessly pivot without undue downtime. For companies that can not afford any downtime, automated business continuity and recovery is critical to assure your organization can handle any issue without loss of productivity.

Red Bigfoot proudly offers expert guidance through our wide-ranging IT business consulting services. Growing companies may not be able to focus on IT strategy, essential project management, budgeting and forecasting, and more. As a result, you may get stuck using technical tools and processes that don’t meet your needs. We strive to simplify information technology so that you can create realistic goals as well as strategies to reach them.

If you need help augmenting existing IT resources and you’re looking for a consultant that not only advises you on the best technologies for your needs but assists with implementation, it’s time to partner with Red Bigfoot. With holistic IT solutions that provide the comprehensive results your company needs to ensure success, now and in the future, Red Bigfoot is the IT service provider you’ve been looking for.

Azure Cloud

Consulting - Migrating to Azure - Cloud Email - Reducing On-Prem Footprint


Mergers and Acquisitions - Migration Readiness - Consolidate Domains - Email, User, and System Migration


Hypervisors and servers - Network monitoring - Application monitoring - System Deployment and Upgrades


Single Sign-On - Multi-Factor Authentication - Conditional Access - Security Auditing

User Experience

Planning for stakeholders - System Deployments - Messaging and Collaboration - User Training

Mergers / Acquisitions

Planning and Strategy - Email, User, and System Migration - System and Application Integration - Divestitures and Separations

Business Continuity

Disaster Recovery - Application Monitoring and Alerting - Backup (on-premise and cloud) - Site Replication


IT Strategy - IT Project Management - Budgeting and Forecasting - Simplifying Information Technology


Managed Security Services Partner


Managed Services Partner

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