IT Infrastructure

Modern IT infrastructure is complex and rapidly changing, requiring extensive knowledge and experience to manage. Companies large and small rely on outside IT experts to keep their infrastructure functional and safeguard their operational requirements.
Red Bigfoot provides supplemental services, planning, and augmentation to ensure your IT infrastructure meets your company’s needs. Our commitment to holistic solutions starts with assessing your current systems to pinpoint immediate and far-reaching concerns that stem from larger infrastructure or process failings. As your trusted partner, our goal is to understand your needs and address them through planning, design, configuration, implementation, deployment, and testing.

In addition to modernizing and refining your infrastructure, ongoing support, monitoring and maintenance is critical to assure the success of your tools. Red Bigfoot can help you to choose the best options for ongoing support, so you can better maintain and secure your infrastructure moving forward. When it comes to infrastructure, one-size-fits-all solutions simply don’t work. You need options that provide the operational foundations you need right now, as well as the flexibility and scalability to adapt to your changing needs as you grow.

The right infrastructure is an investment that will pave the way for improved performance, reduced downtime, greater security, and more visibility, insight, and control over operations. Red Bigfoot is dedicated to assuring your infrastructure allows your company to focus on business needs – not IT outages.

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