Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP)

We take an advanced, proactive, and updated approach to securing your data and network.

  • Visibility of your security holes in real time – Have up-to-date assessments of cybersecurity within your network and get a report of how your cybersecurity stance has changed over time. We can show that vulnerabilities are getting fixed and that our services are providing you value!
  • Are your backups really tested? – We test to make sure your backups are working (test files using your proven process), look at backup configurations the way a hacker would, and make sure your backups are working as expected (even in the cloud!).
  • Know where your critical data is – We evaluate your data and track it so that you know exactly where everything important is and ensure nothing gets leaked.
  • Deep dive into user behavior – We assess the cybersecurity hygiene of your users – where they store their passwords, sensitive information, wifi connections – and alert you to why and how you can improve.
  • Complete security policy and procedures management – We track security policies, procedures and disaster recovery plan in one place, integrated into a portal that also addresses your cybersecurity risks.
  • Affordable – We help organizations identify how to resolve issues without having to invest in additional staff, technology, or expensive training. Our assessments typically reduce insurance premiums as well!
  • No geek speak – You deserve to have your questions answered in plain English. Our analysts will clearly explain what is happening so you understand at a high level and can communicate security concerns to your team in ways they will easily understand.

Benefits of Red Bigfoot's Managed Security Services

  • Close vulnerabilities before they’re exploited
  • Dark web scanning and analysis included
  • Red Bigfoot closes backend issues on servers, network, and infrastructure on your behalf
  • User buy-in and awareness training on user-facing concerns
  • Metrics and reports to show improvement over time
  • Gain confidence in your company’s security
  • Insurance and compliance audits
  • Know your unknowns!

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