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Technology evolves quickly and keeping up with change is vital to a business’s success. At Red Bigfoot, we know what it takes to keep a company up and running through IT systems that are quick, streamlined, and designed to work just for you.

We can manage the complex details of IT solutions so you don’t have to. While our customers focus on their business, we handle systems that allow data to flow in time with a client’s professional progress.


Just the thought of undertaking a massive data or system migration can cause a person to break into a cold sweat. For CIOs, CTOs, or other IT decision-makers, there are few tasks more daunting than transferring all of a company’s data to an entirely new location, application, or format. Even if the legacy system is no longer meeting your needs, causing inefficiencies and increasing costs, the complexity of migration is enough to give pause.

The relentless march of IT advances can quickly leave businesses dealing with hardware and software that no longer meets their needs. Underperforming, outdated, or incorrect infrastructure simply isn’t capable of meeting your needs, and migration to your new ideal platform is the only solution. This is why it’s so important to use an IT service partner with migration expertise that can take you from point A to point B with minimal downtime, immediate onboarding, and a plan for consolidation that improves efficiencies and eliminates waste.

Understanding Red Bigfoot’s Data Migration Services

The term data migration sounds complicated, but the concept is simple. It’s the important process of moving data from one location to another whether it be between storage devices, computers, or formats.

Data migration services are often requested when a company is moving to a new information system. Red Bigfoot will make sure data formats currently in use can be transferred seamlessly.

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In the modern world of information sharing and storage, cloud computing is more popular than ever. Companies are recognizing the value of storing information digitally rather than in a physical location.

Cloud-based storage systems come with plenty of perks. They allow employees to access data remotely, rather than requiring them to be in the office. Moving data to the cloud can allow company information to be available worldwide quickly, easily, securely, and at a fraction of the cost to switch to hardware data centers.

Whether our migration services are required because systems are being replaced, or a company is upgrading its approach to accessing data, Red Bigfoot is here to help! Our team provides expert-level assistance with system migration services to make the process easy, and minimally disruptive to business operations.

Our data and system migration services are comprehensive. We take a holistic approach to moving data and carefully review our process to make sure results are aligned with a company’s goals.

While the migration services we perform depend on the successful transfer of data, we’re also in the business of empowering our customers to take care of future migrations on their own. We help companies set up with the systems they need to move data independently the next time an upgrade is required.

The Advantages of Data Migration for Businesses

Keeping data readily accessible and secure is essential. Data migration plays a major role in making that happen for companies.

Businesses benefit when they take the time to adopt smarter software and systems. A successful data migration process will showcase a new system’s agile functions seamlessly.

Data migration helps resolve issues and errors popping up in current business systems and also assists with custom reporting options.

Challenges and Risks Associated with Data Migration

Every adjustment to technology comes with a certain amount of risk and data migration is no exception to the rule. From data loss and compatibility issues between systems to worries surrounding how poor or extended migration processes may affect a company’s operations, there are valid reasons that some businesses wait to make the move.

Companies that partner with Red Bigfoot will find the data migration process to be stress-free and streamlined. Our team of passionate experts has the experience, knowledge, and dedication to turn a complex project into a manageable experience we take on with confidence. We strive to mitigate your risks and partner with you throughout the process.

A merger or acquisition leaves you with the difficult task of consolidating domains, integrating incompatible systems, or otherwise laboring to make a square peg fit in a round hole. Red Bigfoot is your trusted IT partner in planning and implementing migrations, from planning, consulting, user experience, email and user migrations, equipment consolidation and integration, to larger system migrations.

For growing companies, migration is often a necessity, whether merging, expanding, or simply updating to take advantage of newer technologies. In the process, you may have to consider the best tools to move your company forward to improve operational efficiencies, ensure easy scalability, and implement robust security. It can be difficult to sift through all the options available and come up with solutions and a migration plan that meet your needs today, and in the future.

Red Bigfoot proudly offers IT consulting and migration services that help you to lay the groundwork for a successful migration, avoid common problems along the way, and seamlessly transition your team to new infrastructure and/or environment.

How to Tell When It’s Time for a Data Migration

At Red Bigfoot, our team works with many companies who often request data and system migration services after waiting too long to make the necessary adjustments. Instead of viewing system migration services as a fix-all when systems are slow, making them part of regular maintenance plans eliminates problems down the road.

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It’s normal for digital systems to age and become less efficient over time. However, security concerns and difficulties meeting compliance standards can be avoided with regularly scheduled migrations.


 Varieties of Data Migration

It’s easy to assume that all data migration processes are alike. In reality, different types of data migration work best for different situations.

Storage Migration

Where a business stores its data is important. Equally essential is the storage migration process implementation when it’s time to move that information elsewhere.

Storage migration is the process of transferring business data from one secure storage site to another. This often happens when a business is implementing a new storage technology designed to be more secure.

Database Migration

A database is a structured platform where employees can access and store information. Databases frequently go out of date and the arrival of a new platform makes migration a must.

This process requires a full evaluation of the data that’s in place as well as testing related to its transfer to a new platform. Database migration is often a multi-step process complete with follow-up analysis. It may include a move to cloud-based software or database software enhancements.

Application Migration

Many businesses depend on customer relationship management (CRM) applications to keep track of consumer data. CRM applications, and similar systems, will likely need to be updated several times throughout a company’s lifecycle.

Application migration requires the ability to successfully transfer essential data to a new application without losing anything along the way. Many applications are customized to a company’s needs making it that much more important that old applications can communicate seamlessly with new applications before transfers are complete.

Cloud Migration

As more businesses lean into the idea of telework for employees, cloud migration has become an important component of data retention and access. Within this process, data is no longer exclusively accessible through platforms linked to a physical office but can be accessed from anywhere in the world!

Through cloud migration, physical data infrastructures become digital solutions instead. Outdated servers and firewalls no longer pose a risk to information that is alternatively protected by its digital location.

A company’s versatile lineup of digital assets can be moved to the cloud through the migration process. This might include everything from applications and databases to comprehensive services and IT resources alike.

Partner with Red Bigfoot for IT Business Services and Migration Management

Transparent and collaborative communication leads the way to success at Red Bigfoot where we always pair measurable results with excellence in customer service.

Our consultative approach to IT business services and customized migration strategies allows us to build solutions that are tailored to our customer’s exact needs. We prioritize minimal downtime and effective results that help businesses elevate themselves to the next level of excellence.

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