Information security has become a key priority for IT departments and companies. Companies must not only safeguard proprietary information but protect consumers who entrust them with personal data. In the age of digital information technology, the challenges surrounding data security have changed dramatically, and they continue to change with the advent and implementation of new technologies.

Businesses walk a fine line between compliance, costs, and the risks posed by both internal and external threats. In general, it’s always best to err on the side of caution when it comes to IT security by implementing robust protections that prevent data breach and identity theft on multiple fronts. IT not only has to secure hardware like servers and workstations, but must protect networks, email, cloud environments, user accounts, and more.

In addition to security tools, appliances, and services we must also develop a strategy to assure users are properly able to handle the security threats they meet as a part of their normal workday. Red Bigfoot understands the complexities of IT security from both a technological and user training standpoint. We love to help our clients find solutions to mitigate risks and ensure that only approved parties gain access to protected data.

Even if your business has adopted solid password policies a breach at another company can leave you at risk as many users utilize the same password in many places. Rather than fight this tendency we can assure that a breach at another company doesn’t impact your company. Red Bigfoot can help by setting your company up with a Single Sign On solution – your employees only need to memorize one password to log in to multiple accounts securely and safely.

In addition to Single Sign On, we can also help you to implement Multi-Factor Authentication, minimizing the risk that hackers could break into systems, even with a username and password. Conditional access technology can help assure that data in specific locations on way and different in other places – useful to allow your users to access data onsite and not offsite. This can also assure that your data can only be accessed from specific countries and not by the traditional hacker countries. Finally, we offer security auditing to ensure that problem areas are discovered and addressed before they can be exploited. Cybersecurity is an ongoing concern for modern businesses, but with help from Red Bigfoot, you can implement measures that put you at the forefront of protection.

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