Cybersecurity Solutions

Cybersecurity protects your company’s systems, networks, and programs from digital attacks. These cyberattacks are usually aimed at accessing, changing, or destroying sensitive information; extorting money from users; or interrupting normal business processes. Implementing effective cybersecurity measures is particularly challenging today because there are more devices than people, and attackers are becoming more innovative. There are many ways Red Bigfoot can meet your cybersecurity needs:

  • Email hygiene (spam filtering) to prevent malware, phish, and other threats.
  • AntiVirus with Endpoint Detection and Response to protect the network from an infected system.
  • MultiFactor Authentication will ensure the correct person accessing the system even if a username and password is compromised.
  • Single Sign On (SSO) will limit the number of passwords your team needs to remember and prevents a compromise website from exposing their password for other platforms.
  • User Training to prevent and combat email and social attacks.
  • Simulated attacks to increase user awareness and identify the riskiest users.
  • Secure device networking (laptops and cell phones) so data is never outside your company, even while working remotely.
  • And more!

Red Bigfoot IT Security

IT security solutions for small, midsize, and enterprise-level organizations are more important than ever before. At Red Bigfoot, our experienced team implements the latest techniques and technology to deliver reliable security for our clients. We develop customized solutions that can meet the individual needs of any organization, no matter how big or small it may be.

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What is IT Security?

IT security refers to the tools and services that keep your information, network, and applications safe. IT security solutions can help your business to prevent data breaches, avoid phishing attacks, and keep malicious software off of its network and devices.

IT Security Solutions

Our IT solutions are designed to cover a broad assortment of cybersecurity threats. With professional protection from Red Bigfoot, your organization can have peace of mind in each of the following categories.

Network Security

Network security solutions are crafted to prevent unauthorized access to your sensitive files and applications. They ensure that devices on your network are protected from malicious software. Your network is critical to conducting business, and the proper cybersecurity solutions are necessary to maintain the integrity of that network.

An increase in remote work and other factors create opportunities for networks to become compromised, which means network security has never been more important. Red Bigfoot protects networks by implementing SSL protection and DDoS prevention.

Internet Security

Online interactions pose significant risks to any business. There is no shortage of malicious software that can infect your devices from multiple entry points. Implementing an effective internet security solution may include making use of firewalls and antivirus software to prevent these infections.

Internet security isn’t just a matter of protecting browsers. Any applications that rely on online interactions are a potential entry point for attacks. Red Bigfoot helps companies to guard against attacks with antivirus software and secure web gateways that monitor all incoming and outgoing traffic.

Endpoint Security

The endpoints within your network refer to the actual devices your employees use. This includes:

● Computers

● Mobile phone

● Tablets

These devices provide additional opportunities for attacks against your network and systems. Compromised endpoints can allow data breaches and the insertion of malicious software.

IT security services provide the endpoint management that’s necessary to ensure your business’s ongoing protection. Red Bigfoot can provide an effective authentication strategy for your business using multi-factor authentication and other tools.

Cloud Security

Businesses rely on cloud security to be able to maintain secure access for both remote work and interactions between employees and customers. Red Bigfoot implements features like cloud access security brokers (CASB) and secure internet gateways (SIG) to allow businesses to control access to their cloud data and services.

The unique infrastructure of cloud solutions opens the door to increased vulnerabilities. Our solutions can ensure that only authorized users are able access your cloud files and applications, helping you to maintain network security at every level.

Application Security

The applications that your business makes available to customers and employees are a potential entry point for malicious software, network infiltrations, and data breaches. Application security requires thorough solutions that are designed to monitor and protect incoming and outgoing traffic.

Applications create another opportunity for vulnerabilities within your network. Our team can evaluate your applications to determine their weakest points and implement effective strategies to address these problems when they are found.

What Red Bigfoot Does for Businesses

Red Bigfoot provides numerous layers of protection for your business networks and applications. Our team can protect you from significant threats to your cybersecurity with a carefully planned approach.

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Malicious software is designed to steal sensitive data and prevent your systems from working correctly. At Red Bigfoot, we ensure protection at every entry point through authentication and monitoring for your networks and devices.


Ransomware encrypts your data and systems and demands payment to restore access. This can prove to be catastrophic for any business. Services from Red Bigfoot can prevent this with secure web gateways to monitor traffic and endpoint security measures.


Phishing attacks use social engineering and identity spoofing to steal sensitive information from your business. Bad actors may impersonate other employees within your company or vendors to get employees to divulge information. Our team can develop a solution for monitoring your network traffic to ensure that attacks never reach your employees.

DDoS Attacks

Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks prevent access to your network by sending an overwhelming amount of traffic requests. This can affect access to your website and applications. Red Bigfoot mitigates DDoS attacks with tools like firewalls and authentication to control malicious access to your network.

Custom Solutions for Your Business

At Red Bigfoot, our engineers have the expertise and experience necessary to develop a custom-tailored solution for your unique security needs. Our managed security tools can be combined in a specific way to protect your business.

Our team will evaluate your current network infrastructure to determine where the key weak points are and offer you innovative solutions for support and defense.

Whether your business requires simple antivirus and malware protection or advanced cloud security integration, our expert engineers can provide the managed solutions you need. Let the team at Red Bigfoot deliver the greatest possible security for your business.

Why Your Organization Needs Reliable Cybersecurity Solutions

Malicious attacks against businesses continue to grow in intensity and sophistication. Protecting your business is an ongoing process that requires you to stay ahead of these attacks.

Security services including authentication, web gateways, and firewalls that prevent these attacks from damaging your business through system downtime, data breaches, and loss of reputation.

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Ransomware or other malware that shuts down your systems and applications could potentially prevent your business from operating.

Paying the ransom is often prohibitively expensive and there is no guarantee that paying will make the attack stop. Preventing ransomware attacks ahead of time is the only sure way to protect your business.

If a phishing attack or network infiltration leads to a data breach, your company could be in significant trouble. Loss of your own banking credentials could lead to financial ruin. Loss of customer data could lead to class action lawsuits and loss of reputation for your business.

Consumer data protection regulations can also hold your organization liable for data breaches, further harming your reputation and resulting in penalties. It only takes one significant data breach to potentially harm your business forever.

Red Bigfoot IT Security Services

Red Bigfoot offers advanced services that are designed to protect your assets. With a comprehensive approach, we handle every aspect of your business’s security. Our team factors in all components of your network, from cloud services to endpoint devices.

When you choose Red Bigfoot for your IT security services, you’re choosing an experienced and professional team. We provide security for businesses of all sizes and can implement an effective and affordable solution for your organization.

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An effective cybersecurity strategy will keep your business running smoothly. We provide rapid support to ensure that downtime is minimized and we support our clients at every step of the way.

Our team employs a consultative approach that focuses on understanding your needs and linking them to effective solutions. Our strategies are custom-made for your business and its unique infrastructure.

Get measurable security results for your organization when you partner with the skilled team of professionals at Red Bigfoot. We strive to deliver reliably and friendly service to all of our clients. Find out what we can do for your organization by contacting us today.

In addition to security tools, appliances, and services we must also develop a strategy to assure users are properly able to handle the security threats they meet as a part of their normal workday. Red Bigfoot understands the complexities of IT security from both a technological and user training standpoint. We love to help our clients find solutions to mitigate risks and ensure that only approved parties gain access to protected data.

Even if your business has adopted solid password policies a breach at another company can leave you at risk as many users utilize the same password in many places. Rather than fight this tendency we can assure that a breach at another company doesn’t impact your company. Red Bigfoot can help by setting your company up with a Single Sign On solution – your employees only need to memorize one password to log in to multiple accounts securely and safely.

In addition to Single Sign On, we can also help you to implement Multi-Factor Authentication, minimizing the risk that hackers could break into systems, even with a username and password. Conditional access technology can help assure that data in specific locations on way and different in other places – useful to allow your users to access data onsite and not offsite. This can also assure that your data can only be accessed from specific countries and not by the traditional hacker countries. Finally, we offer security auditing to ensure that problem areas are discovered and addressed before they can be exploited. Cybersecurity is an ongoing concern for modern businesses, but with help from Red Bigfoot, you can implement measures that put you at the forefront of protection.

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