User Experience

Although IT systems are capable of completing incredibly intricate and complex activities, they’re not meant as standalone components in business operations. We design solutions with end-users in mind and deliver tools that facilitate productivity. Creating an exceptional user experience for employees, customers, or both requires an understanding of user needs and preferences, followed by the implementation of IT infrastructure tailored to meet those needs.

Planning for a comprehensive and convenient user experience isn’t always easy given every user may have slightly different needs, while sets of users (department, teams, customers, etc.) can have vastly different needs. Red Bigfoot can help you to create the ideal user experience for all users in a number of ways.

Our consulting services include multi-level support. We plan for all stakeholders who will be impacted by the project from executives and project managers, to your current IT team, to employees, customers, or other users. By understanding needs and goals, we can help you to create strategies that deliver an outstanding user experience.

Further, we’re committed to collaborating with you to ensure that your needs are met. The preliminary work of creating an intuitive, high-value user experience is essential to ensuring successful outcomes – IT Departments can’t phone it in. With open communication and a cooperative approach, we foster the best opportunity to understand and account for every need and preference.

Red Bigfoot also guides you through understanding user needs and fostering productivity to ensure positive outcomes. Even when systems are designed with your goals and users in mind, an interim on-boarding process is normal. We want to make your transition as smooth and seamless as possible so users can start enjoying greater efficiency and performance post haste.

Your IT systems are tools, and it doesn’t matter how advanced or expensive those tools are if they don’t meet user needs or they’re too complex to utilize. A hammer won’t do you any good if all you have are screws. With planning and implementation from Red Bigfoot, you can design a user experience that delivers the effective and efficient tools users need to get the job done.

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