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5 Types of IT Service That Drive Business Growth

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In today’s digital landscape, well-integrated IT services are the pillars of sustainable business growth. Here are five key IT services, backed by compelling metrics, that can propel your business forward:

Managed IT Services: Outsourcing IT operations to a Managed Services Provider (MSP) like Red Bigfoot can free up to 40% of your in-house IT staff’s time, allowing them to focus on strategic initiatives [1]. By offering tailored services such as network maintenance, cybersecurity training, remote IT services and asset management, we enhance your IT capabilities without escalating costs. Red Bigfoot specializes in aligning industry-specific technology strategies to drive efficiency and productivity.

Managed Security Services: Cyber threats are a significant risk to business integrity. According to Cybersecurity Ventures, cybercrime damages will cost the world $6 trillion annually by 2021 [2]. Managed Security Services Providers (MSSPs) help fortify your IT environment, maintain regulatory compliance, and protect your business data and reputation, contributing to long-term stability.

IT Consulting: An objective assessment of your IT assets and strategy by professional consultants can unlock greater value and efficiency. Businesses that take advantage of IT consulting can see up to a 25% increase in operational efficiency [3]. They guide you on new IT investments, provide insights into maintaining or moving on from legacy software, and align your IT strategy with business goals.

System Deployment and User Experience Services: Transitioning to new software is a significant step. MSPs can optimize this process, ensuring system configuration, user experience, and training are well managed. These services can increase software adoption rates by 50% [4] and boost productivity, enhancing your return on investment.

Data Management: Proper data management can lead to a 10-20% increase in revenue [5]. MSPs manage and structure your data, setting up secure and accessible databases or cloud servers. Enhanced data usability means better decision-making capabilities, leading to greater capitalization on growth opportunities.

At Red Bigfoot, we understand the unique needs of your company. We’re equipped to handle complex IT infrastructures, provide scalable solutions, and offer dedicated support, ensuring your IT services grow as your business does. Embark on your IT services journey with us to drive productivity, improve operational efficiency, and propel your organization towards its growth goals.


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