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VoIP Telephony

Get more from your telephone services, at lower cost.

What Is VoIP?

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol is a technology that enables businesses to conduct calling via an internet connection rather than over a traditional telephone line. Many businesses are using VoIP technology today as it offers a range of new features at a lower cost, compared to traditional telephony solutions.
With VoIP, its possible to conduct calls over an internet connection, setup new phone lines and users at the click of a button, tap into features such as voicemail to email, integrations with CRM and Microsoft Teams, and much more.

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Resolving Telephony Challenges

VoIP can mitigate a range of business challenges, including:

Scaling Telephony

Traditional telephony tends to be more complex, costly and time-consuming to scale compared to VoIP solutions.

Lowering IT Costs

VoIP is one of the most cost-effective IT solutions on the market, making it a go-to solution for many businesses.

Remote-Friendly Calling

With the rise of remote working and the benefits it can offer, VoIP stands as a viable and easy to implement telephony solution that can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.

Disconnected Channels

Collecting information from calls and actioning them can be a fragmented and inconvenient process using traditional telephony. VoIP applications enable businesses to integrate calling with other services such as emails, Microsoft Teams, and CRMs

Our VoIP solution

Our VoIP solutions are tailored and end-to-end. From consultation to after-care, we will ensure your VoIP solution empowers your team and business.

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Ensuring Value

We will work closely with your business to ensure that VoIP suits your requirements and goals, and help you to find a tightly aligned solution that best complements your business.


Ensuring A Smooth Transition

We plan an implementation that smoothly transitions your business to its new VoIP solution, minimizing disruption and ensuring that it works as intended before rolling it out.



From setting up users and lines to aligning your VoIP configuration to your IT policy and compliance requirements, we'll undertake a holistic and smooth implementation and onboard your team with their new solution.

Ongoing Support

Helping You To Succeed

After the implementation we will be there to offer support and guidance with the new setup and any questions that you have, ensuring you get the best from your new VoIP solution.

VoIP Benefits



With your new VoIP setup, it will be possible to add new users and phone lines at the click of a button.

Lower Costs

Lower Costs

VoIP enables your business to run its telephony with far less physical hardware requirements and via a flexible monthly subscription cost.

Advanced Features

Advanced Features

Integrate your telephony with your CRM and other applications, streamlining processes and saving time. VoIP also allows call forwarding, recording, and voicemail to email features.



While highly reliable and often offering higher quality calls, if a VoIP connection does fail, calls can be redirected to other lines and via alternative servers, enabling continuity of service.

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