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Cyber Security

Enterprise-grade cyber security solutions for growing businesses.

Is Your business cyber-secure?

In today's world ensuring that your digital premises has never been more important. Protecting your systems and data is key for building and maintaining client relationships, ensuring compliance, and empowering your business to continue delivering on its mission, even when the unexpected occurs.

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Data Security

The Core of your Business

Ensuring that your data is protected throughout your IT environment is crucial. Cyber threats use automated tools to scan for vulnerabilities to exploit so that they can get access to sensitive information and use it for their own ends.


Standing up to Scrutiny

Businesses that are not compliant with regulatory requirements put their reputation, finances and security at risk. Red Bigfoot helps regulated businesses to gain oversight and control over their compliance obligations.

Business Continuity

Ready For Anything

Without a business continuity solution in place, your business will be at heightened risk to disruptions and their consequences.

User Training

Your Best Cyber Security Asset

By raising awareness of cyber security threats and best practices, you can empower your people to be your strongest cyber security asset.

Our Core Cyber Security Solutions

Our core solutions offer end-to-end protection for our clients that equips them with observability, security and control over their IT environment, enabling them to focus on what they do best.

Monitoring & Maintenance

Monitoring & Maintenance

We deploy intelligent tools that offer 24/7 monitoring and maintenance across your IT environment, that detects any anomalies, patterns and potential threats before they have the chance to cause disruption.

Network Protection

Network Protection

Our network protection measures wrap around enterprise-grade protection across your IT environment, including endpoint protection for your devices, advanced anti-virus, intrusion detection and prevention systems, and a security operations centre.

Cyber Security Framework

Cyber Security Framework

Cyber security is always evolving and should always align your people, processes and technology together to offer a full scope of protection. Our strategic cyber security framework services help your business to achieve a holistic and scalable cyber security posture.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Backup & Disaster Recovery

We offer regular backups and in-depth recovery solutions that enable businesses to get back on the road swiftly, ensuring minimal disruption should the unexpected occur.

IT Solutions That are Tailored to Your Business

No two organisations are the same - our solutions reflect that.

The Big Redfoot Difference

Our cyber security solutions are tailored to each business, but are always designed to be scalable, systematic, and undisruptive to productivity and growth.

Dedicated Service

Cyber security shouldn't just be technical, we deliver it with a personal approach. We're cyber security partners that you can call upon, whether its an issue or concern, or just to chat through any ideas or questions that you have.


Our cyber security solutions are always implemented with your compliance requirements in mind, meaning your solutions will be designed to align with data protection regulations that effect your business.

Systematic Approach

Our cyber security solutions integrate people, processes and technology together to offer holistic protection across your IT ecosystem, enabling it to remain secure from the spectrum of cyber threats today.


Our cyber security offerings can secure on-premises, hybrid, and cloud-based IT environments of a range of sizes and needs, and can evolve with your business's growth and requirements.

Our Cyber Security Services

We offer a range of cyber security measures to ensure your business is protected and compliant with data protection regulations.

Endpoint Protection

We secure the devices that access your network from threats with robust endpoint protection solutions that ensure data, devices, and infrastructure remain secure. This includes advanced threat detection measures, data loss prevention, a centralized management platform, managed detection response, and malware prevention.

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Awareness Training & Simulations

Empower your people to become your greatest cyber security asset with our user awareness training and simulations to test their knowledge of best practices. Our training equips your people with the knowledge and best practices that they need to identify sophisticated cyber threats, while our simulations offer measurable testing and real-time coaching to continuously improve your users' cyber security posture.

Back up & Disaster Recovery

We provide regular backups of your data and systems, as well as design and test a number of in-depth disaster recovery solutions that ensure your data and systems can be restored, whenever they are needed.

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Business Continuity

We design solutions that enable your business to be resilient against errors and disruptions that can occur across its systems and network, ensuring that your core operations continue to run and deliver value.

Security Operations Centre (SOC)

Our SOC solutions offer advanced and in-depth protection across your network, providing a holistic threat detection and prevention system, a centralized dashboard for your IT environment, 24/7 monitoring and anomaly detection, threat intelligence from across the world, vulnerability identification and management, and much more.

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Security information & Event Management (SEIM)

Our SIEM solutions give you comprehensive oversight and insight into your IT environment and network. SIEM provides an in-depth interface for monitoring and reviewing security incidents, giving invaluable intelligence for securing your business. SIEM also uses advanced AI to find unusual patterns that could indicate a vulnerability or threat, and respond to them effectively.

Framework Consultancy & Implementation

Every business will have different cyber security and compliance requirements. We work closely with our clients to ensure our cyber security framework and implementation solutions work for their needs and requirements before deployment. With a framework in place, your business will be able to streamline, monitor and gain control over its cyber security and compliance efforts in a holistic way. By aligning your people, processes and technology together, your framework ensures they cyber security journey is a value for your team, not an obstacle

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Do you have a technology challenge that you would like to overcome? Have big plans for the future but not sure how to get there? Then it's time to meet Red Bigfoot!

Our founder, Marc, is dedicated to helping businesses like yours to achieve super-natural outcomes with the help of technology. We offer 30-minute meetings that focus on resolving a challenge of your choice; simply book a meeting, come along with any notes that you have, and we'll listen closely to you and give actionable insights that help you to move forward with clarity and confidence.

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