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Internet Services

Elevate network speeds and reliability with our internet services.

Business Connectivity Solutions

If internet connections are slow and unreliable, it bounds the productive potential of a business, constraining its ability to achieve profitable growth. Our internet services focus on ensuring your network connectivity is fast, reliable and secure, while meeting your requirements and budget.

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Solving Connectivity challenges

If your business is dealing with any of these challenges, our internet services can help:

Slow Speeds

If the performance of your internet is noticeably slow, this will cause a lot of lost time across your business.


Whether it's intermittent drops in connection to full-blown outages, it can be frustrating and time-consuming to deal with drops in connectivity.

VPN Issues

If your business operates a VPN that is slow and unreliable, there may be better solutions that can offer greater connectivity, alongside security.

Scaling Difficulties

If your connectivity solution is struggling to keep up with the growth of your business and IT environment, it can hamper the growth and efficiency of the whole organization.

Our Internet Solutions

Every business operates in a different context with different internet needs, so our end-to-end solutions are always tailored to achieve your goals within your requirements.

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See What's Possible

We work closely with your business to understand its connectivity challenges, constraints, and seek solutions that can help you to achieve your goals.


Crafting A Solution

After agreeing on an ideal solution, we get to work on planning the implementation of your new internet across your business, including physical infrastructure, device connectivity, and transitioning from your previous solution without disrupting operations.


Sparking Connectivity

We undertake the legwork in setting up your new internet solution, including installation, configuration, connecting devices and servers, and ensuring your solution is cyber-secure.

After Care

Staying Connected

We'll provide onboarding for your new internet solution and will be available to provide support after the implementation to ensure any potential issues are resolved, enabling your business to get the fullest benefit from its new solution.

Internet services Benefits

Our internet solutions introduce a range of benefits for your business, by revamping its connectivity from the foundation-up.

Faster Speeds

Faster Speeds

Unlock faster speeds that enable your business to achieve more than ever before.

Minimize Downtime

Minimize Downtime

Enjoy a more reliable network that empowers your people to stay in the flow of their work, with more uninterrupted connectivity and guaranteed Service Level Agreements (SLAs).



Your internet solution will be able to offer enhanced connectivity as your business grows and expands the amount of users, data and systems in your IT environment.



We take care to ensure your internet services are configured to be convenient and secure for your business.

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Meet with Red BigFoot

Do you have a technology challenge that you would like to overcome? Have big plans for the future but not sure how to get there? Then it's time to meet Red Bigfoot!

Our founder, Marc, is dedicated to helping businesses like yours to achieve super-natural outcomes with the help of technology. We offer 30-minute meetings that focus on resolving a challenge of your choice; simply book a meeting, come along with any notes that you have, and we'll listen closely to you and give actionable insights that help you to move forward with clarity and confidence.

Ready to take the next empowering step on your digital journey? Book in a meeting with Marc today 👉

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